A handicapped Team 8-Ball League will start on Wednesday, December 2nd.

This 8-Ball league will require less than a 3-hour commitment and consist of two singles matches of 8-Ball and one Scotch doubles match. Rosters of up to four players will be permitted. It will be possible to field a full team each week with just two players. This league will be handicapped using Fargo rating. If a player does not have a Fargo rating, a handicap from another league can be used or a skills test can be taken to determine ability.

The object of the handicapping in this league is not to make every match exactly even, but rather to give less skilled players a chance. In fact, more skilled players should win the majority of matches (but at the same time, less skilled players have more room to improve over time).

Register early – and you and your entire roster can play every Wednesday between now and December 2nd for just $10 per player per week!

The cost for this Team League is a one-time $99 deposit plus $50 a week per team (for 8 match weeks) with no charge for up to two playoff weeks. While there will be no ‘trip to Vegas’ for this league, there will be cash prizes. A minimum $200 cash prize to the winning team is guaranteed.

Each week, up to seven points may be earned by each team: up to two points for each singles match and up to three points for the Scotch doubles match. As this format permits rosters of four players and only two players are required to field a match, it is not expected that any makeups should be required. If a team needs a makeup match, please contact the League with as much advance notice as possible and an attempt will be made to permit a makeup.

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