On street parking is available anywhere there are white signs with green letters. You must pay at the meter using an app or the kiosk. The rate is $1 per hour.

A garage is located at 1300 Jefferson which charges $7 for 10 hours.

Our lot has three spots that may be used anytime plus an additional six spots that may be used evenings and weekends ONLY. The spots marked “Hoboken Golf” may be used anytime. The spots marked Stylecrest, Seelevelstudios 1, Seelevelstudios 2 and Seelevelstudios 3 may be used evenings and weekends ONLY. Do not park in any spot on the north side of the lot (along the chain link fence) – your car will be towed.

We will charge $2.00 per hour to park in our lot, with a credit of 10% of your bill given towards parking for customers of golf, billiards and games only. Please register your car using the form below:

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