Complimentary coffee and pastries greet all players each week in this Sunday morning 9-Ball League.

This 9-Ball league is handicapped based on Fargo rating. Players without a Fargo rating may use a handicap from another league or take a skills test to assess ability. As with all our leagues, the handicapping is not designed to make every match equal. More skilled players should have an advantage, but at the same time less skilled players have more room to improve.


Players will be scheduled to play two matches against two different opponents most weeks. There will be some weeks where players will play a third match and some weeks where players will have just one match. Missed weeks for players will be accommodated by giving that player missed matches on other weeks.


The cost for this league is $49 deposit plus $12 per match. All players should receive 16 matches over 8 weeks.

There is no trip to Vegas at the end of this league, but the top player is guaranteed to win a $200 cash prize and we anticipate additional cash prizes based on how many players we have for this league.

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