A new straight pool league will start on October 20th. This league is handicapped based on Fargo rating. If you do not have a Fargo rating, we will use a rating from another league you’ve played. If you have never played organized pool, we will have you take a skills test to assess your skill. Our handicapping received mostly rave reviews by players in our first season (and most matches were very close).


Each player will play to their own total balls needing to made to win each match. The object of our handicapping is to give everyone a chance. It is not intended to make matches absolutely even; in fact, the more skilled player SHOULD have a slight advantage in most matches (however, bear in mind that a less skilled player also has more room to improve).

Points will be earned each week by each player based on the ‘percentage of balls made’ by the losing player (50 points maximum for the losing player, 75 points for the winning player) and reaching a high run number (15 additional points).


The cost of this league will be a $79 deposit plus $20 per match to cover league fees and greens fees. There will be no charge for the last two matches (which will be considered playoff matches). A guaranteed $200 top prize will be offered – but last season, above and beyond the $200 top prize, an additional $290 in cash prizes was awarded. We anticipate that a similar amount of cash prizes will be given for this upcoming league.

Monthly members get a reduced rate of just $99 for the entire season (if paid up front), or $40 plus $10 per match ($120 total).

Missing Matches

As this is an individual league, we will do our best to accommodate weeks that you need to miss. As much advanced notice as possible will aid us in getting you off-weeks and make-ups for missed matches. Additionally, we will drop each player’s worst score in a match prior to figuring out playoffs. Missed matches will usually be made up by giving players a double header in a preceding or future week. Accommodating missed playoff matches will most likely not be possible.

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